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Refreshing Springs Conference 2023

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Refreshing Springs Conference 2023

The 2023 Conference was beyond everyone’s expectations, the ministry, interactions, prayers and fellowship were such a blessing. The testimonials regarding the Conference speak for themselves.  Praise God souls were saved, sisters rededicated their lives to Jesus and testified that the Conference had changed their lives.

Testimonies Conference 2023

  • The Team gives thanks for three ladies who accepted Jesus whilst attending the
    conference. Praise God.
  • Thank you for a truly blessed weekend. You are a lovely team of ladies who shine for
    Jesus. I am going home different and intend to walk with the Lord always instead of
    sometimes. Sally Bradford.
  • I have prayed the prayer and made a commitment to Jesus. Mary
  • Thank you for a lovely weekend. It has been perfect and such an inspiration, I have
    prayed the prayer and committed to Jesus. Elspeth Bradford
  • Great friendship, fellowship, teaching and prayer. Beautiful hotel a space to come
    and relax, recharge and retreat. Clare Bradford.
  • A great time over the weekend, excellent team and staff.
  • What a wonderful time, God is so Good.
  • No improvements needed. Everyone came with a spirit of Love.
  • The weekend was so encouraging the staff at the Hotel, the Team and the teaching.
  • It’s always such a pleasure to share with such lovely ladies. Living alone makes these
    special times so very special. God bless all Refreshing Springs members. Kathleen
  • I have had an amazing time. I have loved every moment. It has been wonderful to
    get to know the ladies better. Everyone is so caring and generous. The venue was
    equally wonderful as was my room. I can only say thank you Lord. Thank you, Thank
    you, Thank you and these words will never be enough. Bev
  • This weekend has been such a blessing together with the Holy Spirit and lovely
    sisters. Burdens have been lifted, love has flowed freely. I pray each lady leaves
    with peace of heart, mind, soul and spirit ready to bless others. Thank you, God,
    Thank you Jesus, thank you Holy spirit. Thank you, ladies. Denise
  • A wonderful weekend. Thank you.
  • It was a lovely weekend. The team worked so well.
  • This weekend has been such a blessing. God has done an amazing work in my life
    and others. It’s been a great joy to be at Thornleigh and looking forward to the next
    one. Sue
  • This weekend has challenged loads of aspects of my life i.e. fears of the unknown,
    trust and developing deep friendships. The whole setting has been excellent quality
    and luxury. Thank you. Maureen
  • Thank you that I could ask for prayer for my mind.
  • The team arriving early made setting up a lot easier. The weekend has been lovely
    with the Lord doing a lot in everyone’s lives. Sharing and fellowship has been
    outstanding, and I feel so blessed to have been part of it. The Lord has used sisters
    to encourage me in wonderful ways. Thank you. Irene

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